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About us

Cugini Marble is a company that started when the whole world was staying at home due to a pandemic, COVID-19, the idea was to recycle the Marble waste that we had from our Marble Factory, Kiro Marble, and transform it into a luxurious useful item to decorate places with. When it comes to decorating your home with some simple, yet luxurious item, there is nothing better but natural marble stone. And that's where Cugini Marble comes in, our products are 100% natural marble stone and it’s a simple thing that adds a fancy touch to anywhere you place it. Our company is a family-owned business, hence the name ‘Cugini’ means cousins in italian, Cugini Marble is a group of strong,curious and ambitious cousins that are hoping to redefine the success of their parents' work at Kiro Marble.


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